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Learn about how our medical team helps you find the available treatment options within Clinical Trials and Early Access Programs.

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    Early Access Programs

    Learn how your physician could treat you with a pre-approval medicine in an Early Access Program if you have exhausted your other treatment options and cannot participate in a Clinical Trial.

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    Clinical Trials

    Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are constantly developing new medicines which are then tested in Clinical Trials.

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Our Ambition

"I’m determined to make it easier for patients with unmet medical needs and their physicians to find and get access to medicines that are now unavailable to them but could potentially improve their lives.”

Frederik Buijs, Medical Doctor

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Our team is driven, caring, and determined. Many of us are patients ourselves, so we understand the desire to know about all the available options when diagnosed with a medical condition. While we come from different backgrounds and disciplines, each member of our team contributes expertise that, combined with our technology platform, provides patients and their physicians the keys to drive the necessary change.

Popular questions

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  1. What is a Clinical Trial?

    When a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company develops a new medicine, they have to test it extensively to evaluate the effects of the medicine on participants’ health and to make sure it is effective and safe enough for public use. Participating in a Clinical Trial can enable patients to be treated with a medicine before it is approved. There is no guarantee that a medicine which is still in clinical development will improve a patient's condition.

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  2. What is an Early Access Program?

    Early Access Programs are programs allowed through a special provision in the law that enables treatment with pre-approval medicines of patients with unmet medical needs that suffer from a life-threatening or debilitating disease and which have exhausted treatment options with approved medication.

    Different governments, companies and hospitals may use any of these terms to describe programs that provide access to pre-approval medicines:

    - Early Access Program

    - Expanded Access Program

    - Named Patient

    - Named Patient Use

    - Named Patient Import

    - Named Patient Program

    - Investigational Drug

    - Managed Access Program

    - Patient Specific Drug Import

    - Compassionate Use

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  3. How is a Clinical Trial different from an Early Access Program?

    The purpose of a Clinical Trial is to test a medicine. The purpose of an Early Access Program is to treat patients with an unmet medical need. An unmet medical need in relation to an Early Access Program means for a patient that there is no approved medicine available, or that they have exhausted all approved medicines available.

    Clinical trials normally only take place in a limited number of treating centers in a select number of countries. In theory, Early Access Programs can help patients anywhere.

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  4. How do I qualify for an Early Access Program?

    You might qualify for an Early Access Program:

    - If you have a life threatening or debilitating disease

    - If you have no remaining viable treatment options with registered medicines

    - If you cannot enter an available Clinical Trial with the medicine accessible through the Early Access Program

    - If your treating physician is willing to prescribe the pre-approval medicine

    - If the pharmaceutical company developing the medicine is willing to provide access

    - If the authorities approve access to the pre-approval medicine

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  5. Why do I need my doctor’s support for an Early Access Program?

    You need your doctor’s support because you will not only need a prescription for the medicine, but your treating doctor understands your full health history and needs. Your doctor also ensures that the pre-approval medicine you would like to be treated with is suitable, can inform you about how the medicine works, and possible risks and side effects.

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  6. Can myTomorrows help arrange reimbursement for the medicine?

    Yes, myTomorrows can help to arrange reimbursement for the cost of the medicine. We know from experience how reimbursement systems in many countries work, so we’re ready and able to facilitate this. This often happens on a case-by-case basis. To find out how reimbursement works in your country please contact us.

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