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No regular treatment options available? We provide patients with helpful insight into treatments in development across the world.

Finding out if any treatment options may be available can be difficult. 


All around the world, new medicines are constantly being developed. However, these medicines might not yet be available and are often difficult to access. Our medical team identifies emerging treatments using the latest technology. Here is how it works.


We look for all possible treatment options and summarize our findings in a Treatment Search Report. You discuss this report with your doctor. If you would like to access a treatment, we can help.


Get help finding a treatment


Use our intelligent knowledge base to find possible treatment options for your patient. Our team will help you access a treatment.



Find a treatment for your patient

Our promise.
No costs for patients or doctors.

As we believe everyone should have access to all available treatment options, our services are free of charge for patients and their doctors.

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We help patients and their doctors.

How do we find new treatment options? What does this mean for patients? Why are we fully commited to our work? Read the stories.


The people: What motivates them? Insights into the people who work behind the scenes.

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The Experience: What do patients go through? Stories from their daily life.

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The Work: How do we do it? The experts explain.

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Smart knowledge database

We gather information about treatments from across the world and store it in a knowledge database using artificial intelligence. This smart technology enables us to quickly find out if there are any suitable treatment options for you. We have created our knowledge database in close collaboration with researchers and experts.


With the support of:


There may be treatments that you and your doctor are not yet aware of.

We know where to look and how to access them, anywhere in the world.


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