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What We Do

Lowering the barrier to accessing pre-approval medicines

At myTomorrows, we believe everyone should be able to access the treatment options which are open to them. We strive to make it easier for physicians and their patients with unmet medical needs to find, get information about, and access pre-approval medicines whenever possible.


Making a real difference to real people with real illnesses

We understand medicine. We know technology. And we’re on a mission to change the way physicians and their patients with unmet medical needs find and get access to pre-approval medicines whenever possible.


Digitizing healthcare

If you become ill, you go to your physician who prescribes a medicine to help you recover. But what if the medicine you receive doesn’t cure your condition or ease your symptoms? It’s extremely time-consuming and difficult for patients to find and understand information about the options that might meet their medical needs.

The myTomorrows digital platform simplifies and streamlines the process to find and learn about medicines in development in order to facilitate access for those people who might be eligible to access them.

Search our database of more than

  • 350,000 Clinical Trials


  • 300 Early Access Programs

    around the world


Joining the dots

The combination of our digital platform and in-house experts connects the information from all the relevant parties, making the system work better for everyone.

We provide actionable information about treatment options within Clinical Trials and Early Access Programs and respond to physician and pharmacist inquiries for additional information to help all parties understand all aspects of the program.


Relieve the administrative burden for Early Access

Upon prescription of a pre-approval medicine available in an Early Access Program by a treating physician, myTomorrows can start and manage the process to facilitate access to the medicine.

This includes handling all administrative matters, from regulatory to financial issues, as well as the logistics of receiving the medicine. myTomorrows works to solve the administrative burden of getting access to a pre-approval medicine.

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