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by Alice Stuurman Alice Stuurman | 30 Apr 2018

War on talent: check, check for myTomorrows

How to attract talents and to ensure a digital mindset - written by Alice Stuurman

In mid-March, I participated in a roundtable to discuss how companies can solve the issue of finding great talents. Although the discussion between CIO/CHRO was mainly focused on IT/tech talents, the same red lines can be applied to a broader scope of functions.

It was an energizing discussion about how to attract talents, but also how to ensure the digital mindset in all jobs and not only in the tech team. Digitization will in the coming years affect all functional areas.

So these are the red lines of the discussion:


  • Talents are driven by purpose

    • People want to be proud of their company (that is not new). At myTomorrows we want to accommodate patients and their physicians in getting access to medicines in development when all treatment options with registered drugs are exhausted. At myTomorrows we all know somebody who suffers from a life-threatening disease and we don’t want to let go. And let’s face it: once we’ll all be patients.
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  • Link the company to academia

    • Universities a.o. have an objective to loop the results of their fundamental research back to society. At the same time, companies can benefit from participating in their research or using the exceptional brain power available at universities. So instead of pointing at each other, it is much better to get together and boost each other’s knowledge and learning.
      At myTomorrows we have links with a lot of faculties of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Science. Because those two groups together are core to our business (empowering patients and lowering barriers using the tech knowledge to do it in a smart way).
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  • Attract talents during their education not after

    • Students have a tough life nowadays. They have a limited number of years available to get education, but during their studies they have to work to finance the expensive rents, tuition fees, etc. to prevent ending up with a huge debt after graduation.
      At myTomorrows we always have a couple of interns with us, students combining their education with a part-time job and a lot of them decide to stay.
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  • Age is just a number

    • Instead of just focusing on the youngsters and millennials, there are a lot of elderly people with skills, knowledge, and motivation to add to society. So why not include them in the potential workforce.
      At myTomorrows, our oldest employee is more than 70 years old (from a privacy perspective I will not share the exact age).
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  • HR and Tech work together

    • All successful companies revolve around human needs: dreams, objectives, expectations. With Tech playing a more and more relevant role in most companies, it is clear it’s all about people. At myTomorrows, I have a daily standup with my CTO, to be perfectly aligned and able to work together.
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Participating in this kind of discussions is always an interesting journey.

Although a small company, at myTomorrows we are ticking all boxes. We are doing a great job here, not only with our purpose, our mission, but also with our people.