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myTomorrows COVID-19 update.

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How can you find out quickly if treatment options are available?

We can tell you whether there are suitable treatments being developed for your condition either in your own country or abroad.


Using a smart knowledge database, our specially trained medical team compiles a comprehensive report of the treatment options that may be available to you.


The three steps to treatment:

Intake interview

A member of our medical team calls you. We get to know you and learn about your situation.

Treatment Search report

You will receive an extensive overview of the Clinical Trials and Expanded Access Programs that might be available to you. You can discuss the findings with your doctor.

Access to treatment

Together with your doctor, you can select the treatment that best suits your situation. If needed, we will then help your doctor gain access to this treatment.


There are several ways to gain access to medicines in development. Our treatment search report provides an overview of what is available.

We look at clinical research and beyond


Treatment options for your condition may currently be in development. To gain access to these treatments, you could participate in a Clinical Trial. Our team is specially trained to research any possible trials you might qualify for. However, the admission requirements for such trials are usually very strict and therefore not everybody will be eligible to participate.


We also look at other possibilities beyond Clinical Trials, such as Expanded Access Programs or Off-Label Use. Sometimes, we can even supply medicines that are approved abroad but are not yet on the market in your own country.

We know your situation is unique


To gain proper insight into your personal situation, we always start with an intake interview to get to know you and gain insight into your specific needs and condition. We then start searching for treatments using our smart knowledge database, which contains the most extensive range of treatment options available worldwide. During our search, we always consider your medical history, age, nationality and other relevant factors.

We provide a clear overview


We will provide you with a clear and comprehensive myTomorrows Treatment Search Report, offering an overview of treatment options. You can discuss which treatment could suit your situation with your doctor based on the report findings. We are at your disposal in case you have questions.

We can help you gain access to treatment


Once you and your doctor have decided on a course of action, we can help your doctor gain access to a treatment. Our assistance ranges from supplying medicines to arranging reimbursement and other practical matters.

Our services are free of charge

As a patient, you do not pay anything for our services and neither does your doctor.

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