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Start your search for treatment options today

Every day new treatments are being developed all over the world. But you might not know how to find them. Here’s how we can help.


We provide you with all the information about possible treatment options. We can also help you access them.


Three steps to treatment:


We search medical databases around the world. Then we give you a free personalized report listing (Treatment Search Report), with all possible treatment options.


Our Patient Navigators guide you through every step, from starting your search for options to answering questions during treatment.


If you and your doctor decide to pursue a treatment, we can help you access it.

Get Your Treatment Search Report

Every Treatment Search Report is personalized for you and prepared based on your diagnosis, health history and medical records. Our approach involves analyzing all of this information in order to be able to deliver a complete listing of treatment options.


Our technology searches medical databases globally and collects information about all available treatment options. We share this with you in a patient-friendly format called a Treatment Search Report that lists and categorizes all of this information.

Meet Our Patient Navigators

Your situation is unique and we understand that. Patient Navigators will always be there to listen to you and personally guide you through the process from information to access.


The Patient Navigators are part of our medical team. They are medically trained and supervised by our team of medical doctors. They speak multiple languages, including Spanish, German and French. Your Patient Navigator will explain complicated medical information about your situation in a way that is easy to understand.

Learn About Accessing Treatments

If you and your doctor decide to pursue a treatment, we can help you access it. We work with physicians, insurance companies, governments and drug manufacturers to facilitate access for you.


Our team has many years of experience working with pharmaceutical companies and knows whom to call to begin the process of accessing a drug in development. We can help with everything from negotiating with a drug manufacturer to filling out regulatory paperwork. We also manage drug shipping logistics and ensure safe delivery to your local pharmacy.

Our services are free of charge

As a patient, you do not pay anything for our services and neither does your doctor.

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We help patients and their doctors

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