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How We Can Help

Your guide to information about pre-approval medicines

When working with myTomorrows, our medical team helps you to understand the pre-approval medicines available within Clinical Trials and Early Access Programs.


myTomorrows works within a legal framework to:

- Make sure you, your physician, regulators and insurers stay fully informed

- Streamline access to pre-approval medicines

- Handle financial matters

- Lessen the administrative burden

- Collect Real World Data



How the process works

  1. I tell myTomorrows about myself and my condition (either using the online search, or by speaking directly to the medical team who can assist me in my search and gathering information).

  2. The myTomorrows digital platform gives me more information about pre-approval medicines available within Clinical Trials and Early Access Programs that might match my situation.

  3. I contact myTomorrows to explain and understand these results with a member of their medical team. Based on the information myTomorrows provides, I can share this information with my physician.

  4. My physician and I review the information provided by myTomorrows to determine if there are any suitable treatment options, and if so, my physician will contact myTomorrows to ask for support in applying for access to a Clinical Trial or Early Access Program.

  5. Outcome: My physician and I worked together with myTomorrows to secure access to the treatment. If the outcome is positive, I can start receiving treatment with the pre-approval medicine.


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