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Michel van Harten, Chief Medical Officer 


 “My goal is ambitious, but it's possible.” 


“I like to cook in my spare time and when I was a student, I set up a catering company with a friend. That entrepreneurial spirit is in my blood. We started in a small kitchen, the company became a success and has now been sold. Unfortunately for me, I got out of the business a little too early because I had to work in a hospital for my medical internships [laughs]. I had already completed a degree in business administration but felt it lacked challenge and depth. That's why I decided to study medicine. I worked as a physician for a year, in a hospital that specializes in cancer, and saw many patients who had run out of treatment options. Then myTomorrows came along. It was a wonderful opportunity to make a difference globally and to have a big impact on the lives of lots of people. Freedom and flexibility, having the space to organize my own work, is crucial to me. And that's precisely what myTomorrows provides. As a medical team, we maintain contact with patients and doctors who are looking for treatment options. What we're doing as a company is new and sometimes difficult in a conservative industry. But things are going well and we've already helped thousands of people. My ultimate goal is to make myTomorrows the go-to online platform for patients and doctors looking for treatments. I know it's ambitious, but it is possible. One of my brothers passed away a few years ago and that influenced my choice to join myTomorrows. Life is short. You shouldn't wait. You have to start doing the things that are really important to you.” 

myTomorrows helps patients who have exhausted their regular treatment options. There may be a suitable treatment option that is in development. Read more and make an appointment with our medical team.


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