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Remco van den Burg, Head of Pharma & Director Quality


“It's fascinating to see how our bodies are made up of lots of tiny chemical factories.” 


"As a teenager, I wanted to become a fashion designer but soon realized at fashion school that I wasn't cut out for that profession. I ended up becoming a biochemical lab technician instead. My brother had been looking for a bachelor course as well, so I joined him on a visit to a science training college. I then enrolled as I thought it would be great fun to do experiments At first, I didn't like it that much until I discovered biochemistry. It's fascinating to see how our bodies are made up of lots of tiny chemical factories. My first job was at the Academic Medical Center's HIV lab in Amsterdam and back then I already found myself drawn to the quality aspect. When the first HIV inhibitors came on the scene, AIDS was still a death sentence and it was crucial for the outcome of a blood test to be correct. You need quality systems for that as they ensure everyone works the same way and that each and every step is controlled. After 10 years, I went into pharmaceutics where I further specialized in quality management. I've been working as Quality Director at myTomorrows for three years now. It's close to where I live in Amsterdam and I always go to work by bike - it's a lovely ride through the Vondelpark. The concept at the heart of myTomorrows is truly fascinating and involves a noble ambition. However, you also need a critical eye. You're supplying medicines that are not yet on the market but the quality of which must nevertheless be guaranteed: have they been manufactured, tested and stored correctly? My team assesses this for each batch of medicines separately, based on legal requirements for registered medicines. I consider myself a watchdog, making sure we do everything according to the rules and that the quality of the products we supply is up to par. I'm very proud of the quality system we've put in place. It's my ambition to help even more people by making our company bigger. When I was working at the Academic Medical Center, I still managed to do a fashion course during the evening and in my spare time designed and made all kinds of clothes. But this has now been on the back shelf for a while, so I'll have to make time for it again. It's great to design something and see the tangible results. Just like in my work."




myTomorrows helps patients who have exhausted their regular treatment options. There may be a suitable treatment option that is in development. Read more and make an appointment with our medical team.


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