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Selene Baez Santamaria, Data Scientist & Developer


“"Every day, every small step can make a difference.” 


"My original dream was to experience life on each continent. After North America and Europe, I wanted to go to Asia, but instead I joined myTomorrows in Amsterdam. I did my master's degree in artificial intelligence and started working at the company through a colleague I knew from an internship at another firm. As I see it, everyone should know what their treatment options are. We want to make information about life-threatening diseases accessible with our search engine: for example, current research programs, who is working on them where and what methods are being used. We do this with artificial intelligence. To build this kind of system, you have to understand how people think. You're actually replicating part of the brain. It's extremely difficult, but it helps us get closer to our goal and that's what I'm aiming for. It's all about humanity. There's not enough of that in the world. Last summer, I found out my aunt had cancer. She was beyond help, but at least she had peace of mind because myTomorrows had explored all the options. It made me appreciate even more why our work is so important. myTomorrows has also changed my relationship with my father, who works in the pharmaceutical industry. We now talk about our work and understand each other better. I used to get angry when he had to work on Saturdays: 'People also get sick on weekends,' he would say. Every day, every small step can make a difference. I met my boyfriend here at university. He's Greek and I'm Mexican. I meet people from all over the world through my work and in daily life. I think that's important because we all look at the world with different eyes. It's only when you start talking to each other that you get a more complete picture. I feel completely at home here. I still want to travel the world, but for now there's something that keeps me in Amsterdam."

myTomorrows helps patients who have exhausted their regular treatment options. There may be a suitable treatment option that is in development. Read more and make an appointment with our medical team.


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