There are clinical trials for ALS in the US that are currently open for patients to apply

About the ALS Association and myTomorrows partnership 

The ALS Association and myTomorrows have partnered as we share our commitment to support patients and families impacted by ALS. We understand that the process of identifying and potentially pursuing a clinical trial can be challenging and together we provide support throughout this journey. This support is always free of charge for patients and healthcare professionals. 

How it works


Schedule a call

Schedule the call with your Patient Navigator 



Receive your personalized overview of trial options search report and discuss your report options with your doctor 


Get help accessing treatments

When an option seems to fit you, we help you get in touch with a clinical trial site access a clinical trial option 

We are here for you

Your situation is unique, and we understand that.

Our Patient Navigators will guide you and your family through the process of finding and accessing clinical trials. Many of us have personal experience with serious illnesses, so we understand the desire to know about all possible options.

“Patients often feel like they are on their own, and that’s difficult, but Patient Navigators are here to help them,”— Angela Sarmiento Betancourt, MD, senior Patient Navigator.

let us help you

let us help you

Book a call with the myTomorrows Medical Team to discuss possibilities.

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