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Boost the impact of your clinical trials and expanded access by making them more accessible to patients and physicians.


A selection of our partners in pre-approval access

Clinical trials

Our patient recruitment services

We support patient access to clinical trials globally. Backed with the latest developments in technology and innovation, we aim to improve access and participation in clinical trials.

Meeting patients where they are

We create tailored clinical trial awareness campaigns and have relationships with key physician networks and patient advocacy groups within our focus areas through our Medical Community team.

Syncing stakeholders

We connect all relevant parties in clinical trials, streamlining recruitment activities and support on one platform.

Ensuring high-quality referrals

Our medically trained Patient Navigators pre-screen patients and compliantly collect the relevant medical information to reduce site screening burden.

Adhering to the highest standards of data privacy & security

Our platform and solutions strictly adhere to GDPR regulations and meet ISO-27001 standards for data security and privacy.

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myTomorrows can support your patient recruitment activities, from patient awareness to site referrals. With experience in many therapeutic areas, including rare diseases, hematology, and oncology, we are best placed to help you meet your goals.

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Expanded Access Management and Real-Word Data

Our solutions for expanded access and real-world data

Proven EAP track record

Benefit from our decades of experience for tailored expanded access programs that support clinical development goals.

Dedicated technology & physician support

Physicians are guided through the whole EAP application process by experienced site managers and a user-friendly digital platform.

RWD intelligence & expertise

Our team of specialists is a front runner in gathering evidence from real-world data collected within an expanded access setting.

Quality & Regulatory excellence

We hold quality certifications, regulatory licenses, and provide global regulatory services.

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Building on our extensive experience in EAP management and global EAP coverage, myTomorrows can support you with tailored EAP programs that align with your clinical development goals.

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Our platform

Discover how our comprehensive omni-stakeholder solution supports BioPharma organizations globally to meet clinical development goals.

Clinical trial referrals

Connectivity between stakeholders

We have a full range of awareness tools and can offer pre-screening solutions, supported by state-of-the-art technology. This allows for timely engagement of sites with patients and their physicians, and the continuous sharing of high-quality referrals to trial sites.

EAP workflow management

Intuitive platform for EAP management and RWD collection

Our platform enables expanded access processes, including the possibility for patients and physicians to upload application documents securely on the platform. Additionally, myTomorrows’ fit-for-purpose EDC can be tailored for specific use cases according to client needs.

Data privacy

Secure and compliant reporting features   

Our platform is fully ISO 27001-certified and GDPR-compliant, allowing for secure and compliant data exchange in clinical trial and expanded access settings. This approach streamlines patient-trial matching and, in select instances, also allows for compliant reporting on the clinical trial recruitment funnel.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve combined some of our most asked questions to help you get started. You’ll find more on our FAQs page, however, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have more specific requests.

1. How does myTomorrows support BioPharma companies?

We support BioPharma companies to make their clinical trials and expanded access programs more accessible.   We offer BioPharma both clinical trial recruitment and expanded access program management services. Learn more.

2. How can myTomorrows help with enrolling patients into clinical trials?

We can support our clients with a variety of strategic awareness tactics to identify patients and facilitate participation in clinical trials. In addition, our commitment to our mission has enabled us to build an extensive network of physicians and patient advocacy groups to support patients and their physicians to learn more about all available clinical trials. This network plays an important role in assisting patients and their physicians by accessing comprehensive information about clinical trials and if available, other pre-approval options.

3. What is the role of Patient Navigators at myTomorrows?

Our Patient Navigators are an essential point of contact for patients to understand and find clinical trials and if available, expanded access programs.  They are a familiar contact for patients throughout their journey of choice; while they cannot give medical advice, Patient Navigators are trained to explain complex medical concepts to patients. We offer dependable, multilingual support to patients covering U.S. and European time zones.  Learn more about our services to patients here.

4. How does myTomorrows work with clinical trial sponsors?

We support pharmaceutical companies with their clinical trial recruitment activities. Where possible, we support with trial awareness strategies, patient pre-screening, and direct referrals to trial sites via our platform.

5. What disease areas does myTomorrows cover?

myTomorrows supports a wide range of therapeutic areas, offering patient recruitment solutions across various medical fields. Whether your clinical trial is focused on oncology, rare diseases, hematology, neurology, or any other therapeutic area, we have the expertise to assist in patient recruitment, pre-screening, and referrals to clinical trials.

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