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Frequently asked questions

We empower patients and physicians to know their options, and if they desire, support them in requesting access to clinical trials and expanded access programs. On this page you get answers on your most pressing questions about who we are and what we do.  

general questions

Who is myTomorrows?

myTomorrows aims to break barriers for eligible patients seeking information about clinical trials and support referrals to trial sites. When patients are not eligible to clinical studies, we can help them and their physicians to navigate the complexities of expanded access programs.

Our digital platform connects all stakeholders in pre-approval access and supports both clinical trial and expanded access operations.

What is the myTomorrows platform?

To support patients and their healthcare professionals discover and access all possible treatment options, myTomorrows developed the go-to platform for searching and accessing clinical trials and expanded access programs.

For patients & physicians, this includes time-saving tools and Patient Navigator support to search and identify clinical trials and expanded access programs, as well as a GDPR-compliant, ISO-27001 certified platform to upload and share medical information.

For trial sites, we provide high-quality patient referrals thanks to our pre-screening process. If requested and consented to by the patient, they will have access to the patient’s medical information, and if deemed potentially eligible, trial sites can directly get in touch with the patient to invite them to be screened further.

For BioPharma companies, we can offer visibility into their full patient recruitment funnel, from trial awareness to referral and outcomes of on-site screening visits. These insights help identify bottlenecks that can be addressed together.

In an expanded access setting, our platform enables end-to-end EAP facilitation and management. Additionally, myTomorrows’ fit-for-purpose EDC can be tailored for specific use cases according to client needs.

Our platform is fundamentally patient-centric, and therefore our data sharing procedures are subject to patient consent when it relates to their pseudonymized data.

What is the role of Patient Navigators at myTomorrows?

Our Patient Navigators are an essential point of contact for patients to understand and find clinical trials and if available, expanded access programs. 

They are a familiar contact for patients throughout their journey of choice; while they cannot give medical advice, Patient Navigators are trained to explain complex medical concepts to patients. We offer dependable, multilingual support to patients covering U.S. and European time zones. 

Learn more about our services to patients here.

How do I report a product complaint?

If you have a problem or concern about any of the products that are shipped or distributed via myTomorrows, we would like to hear from you. Please send an email to

How do I report an adverse event or adverse drug reaction?

myTomorrows has a regulatory responsibility to monitor the safety of drugs prescribed through its programs. To report an adverse event or adverse drug reaction, please send an email to