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Making clinical trials and EAPs accessible

Quickly find and access clinical trials and expanded access programs for your patients. Get the right patients enrolled in your trials.




For healthcare professionals in clinical and research settings

Treating team

Discover and access clinical trials and expanded access programs quickly and using state-of-the-art search technology easily, through one platform.

Research team

Receive compliant, high-quality patient referrals directly to your site through our platform, and manage your patient funnel.

Our services are free for healthcare professionals.

We are committed to alleviating as many barriers as we can for physicians and their patients. Whether you work in the clinic, in research settings, or both, our services of providing information about clinical trials and expanded access are always free for you and for all patients.

We charge BioPharma companies for our services, which include supporting clinical trial recruitment and managing global expanded access programs, logistics, distribution, and real-world data collection.

Our platform

Discover how our platform can connect physicians and their patients to recruiting trial sites.


Comprehensive list of options within minutes

Enter pseudonymized patient data to search for eligible clinical trials and review potential options. Explore the latest published trial clinical information to support informed decision-making and make quick trial site referrals from our platform at the click of a button.


Receive high-quality patient referrals, compliantly

Pseudonymized patient profiles are created and pre-screened on our ISO 27001-certified, GDPR-compliant platform. If deemed potentially eligible, trial sites can directly accept and get in touch with patients to invite them to be screened further.


Compliant space that connects all stakeholders

Experience our easy-to-use one-stop platform which enables patients, physicians, and trial sites to connect, reducing admin and wait time and ensuring transparency throughout the process.

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How do we help patients?

When standard of care no longer meets medical needs, our mission is to support patients and physicians to know their options. To patients, we provide free services, valuable resources, and a dedicated patient navigator team for guidance. Collaborating with physicians, we offer an unbiased overview of available trials, secure data collection, and support in deciding the right path. Our patient navigators, available during business hours in the US and Europe, serve as essential contacts for patients, explaining medical concepts and providing support throughout the process.

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Frequently asked questions

We’ve combined some of our most asked questions to help you get started. You’ll find more on our FAQ page, however, please get in touch if you have more specific requests.

1. Who is myTomorrows?

myTomorrows aims to break barriers for eligible patients seeking information about clinical trials and support referrals to trial sites. When patients are not eligible to clinical studies, we can help them and their physicians to navigate the complexities of expanded access programs.

Our digital platform connects all stakeholders in pre-approval access and supports both clinical trial and expanded access operations.

2. How does myTomorrows help treating physicians?

myTomorrows supports treating physicians with efficient, state-of-the-art technology for identifying clinical trials and expanded access programs. Via our platform, physicians can refer a patient to a clinical trial, and we support them to directly get in contact with a trial site.  

When applicable, our dedicated and medically trained site managers assist physicians in this process of ordering a drug under an expanded access program, ensuring personalized support.  

Whether patients qualify for EAPs or clinical trials, our free services provide comprehensive assistance throughout the patient journey. 

Learn more about our services to treating physicians.

3. How does myTomorrows help clinical researchers?

myTomorrows supports clinical researchers with streamlined referrals to trial sites. When patients reach out, our Patient Navigators gather information with their consent, creating profiles on our ISO 27001-certified and GDPR-compliant platform. We ensure compliant, high-quality patient referrals, enabling direct contact by trial sites for further screening.

Learn more about our services to clinical researchers

4. How does myTomorrows help patients?

We empower patients and their physicians by offering a comprehensive overview on available options, whether it’s participating in a clinical trial or considering an expanded access program.  

Patients receive equal support – with a global reach, we provide referrals to trial sites and can support physicians with the expanded access application processes worldwide. To guide patients through this intricate process, our patient navigators act as a single point of contact throughout their entire journey. Learn more about how we help patients.

5. Are myTomorrows’ services free-of-charge for patients and physicians?

myTomorrows helps patients discover and access treatments in development. We search Clinical Trial databases around the world, and then we give you a free personalized report listing your possible treatment options. If you and your doctor decide to pursue one of these treatments, we can help you access it.

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