Expanded Access Management & Real-world Data

We help your teams design expanded access strategies that meet your needs and run expanded access programs globally. 

Our dedicated real-world data team offers an integrated approach in RWD strategy, collection, and analysis of data in non-interventional settings.

Managing expanded access programs

Operating globally, we offer programs catering to your needs, whether for individual patients or large-scale access initiatives.

Our team guides BioPharma companies through each stage, ensuring a smooth execution of your Expanded Access Program.

Expanded Access Management and Real-World Data

Our solutions for expanded access and real-world data (RWD).

Track record

We have a proven EAP track record

Benefit from our decades of experience for tailored expanded access programs that support clinical development goals.

Tech & support

Dedicated technology & physician support

Physicians are guided through the whole EAP application process by experienced site managers and a user-friendly digital platform.

Real-World Data

RWD intelligence & expertise

Our team of specialists is a front runner in gathering evidence from real-world data collected within an expanded access setting.

Compliance services

Quality and regulatory excellence

We hold quality certifications, regulatory licenses, and provide global regulatory services.

Our expanded access expertise

Benefit from myTomorrows’ expertise in expanded access management.  

We tailor strategies to meet your specific requirements, providing support in Regulatory, Quality, Site Management, Supply Chain, Real-World Data, and Pharmacovigilance.

Real-World Data capabilities

myTomorrows has been a thought leader and front runner in compiling evidence from real-world data, collected within an expanded access setting. Our dedicated real-world data team offers an integrated approach towards the strategy, collection and analysis of data in non-interventional settings under Expanded Access pathways. 

Are you running clinical trials?

We also support your clinical trial recruitment activities by providing high-quality referrals to your trial sites, and giving you insights into the recruitment funnel.


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