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Are there ALS clinical trials available to you?

There may be a clinical trial available for you or your loved one. The ALS Association and myTomorrows have partnered to support people living with ALS in their journey to finding clinical trial options and supporting them with next steps.


About the ALS Association and myTomorrows partnership


The ALS Association and myTomorrows have partnered as we share our commitment to support people living with ALS and families impacted by ALS. We understand that the process of identifying and potentially pursuing a clinical trial can be challenging and together we provide support throughout this journey. This support is always free of charge for people living with ALS and healthcare professionals.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Schedule the call with your Patient Navigator
  2. Receive your personalized overview of trial options
  3. Discuss your options with your doctor

When an option seems to fit you, we help you get in touch with a clinical trial site.

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Observational Research Participation Option – ALS Focus


ALS FocusTM is a survey program developed by and for people living with ALS and their caregivers. The goal is to learn as much as possible about individual experiences throughout the disease journey so that the whole ALS community can benefit. All data collected is de-identified and shared free of charge with the entire ALS community.

With valuable feedback and advice from members of the ALS Focus Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee, the program enables collaboration with broad and diverse stakeholders. ALS Focus will make a tremendous impact on driving the perspectives of people with ALS and caregivers into major programs and policies in the ALS space.

Please visit this website to learn more about registering.

Observational Research Participation Options – CDC National ALS Registry


The National ALS Registry collects and analyzes data from people living with ALS who choose to participate. Researchers use the data to estimate how many people are currently living with ALS and how many people are diagnosed each year. The data is also used to determine if there are common risk factors for ALS and better understand who gets this disease. It’s important to include as many people as possible in the Registry to get the most accurate information. There is also a Biorepository for those who wish to contribute a blood sample. If interested in joining the Registry or to learn more, please click here.

Book a call with myTomorrows to explore your trial options and get help with your next steps.

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About myTomorrows

myTomorrows is a platform that supports people with unmet medical needs and their physicians to explore and potentially access clinical trials and expanded access programs. Book a call with our Patient Navigators who speak different languages and can help you understand your options. Your Navigator guides you through each step, from searching for options to answering questions and helping you access potential options you may want to pursue.

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial or study is research that looks at whether an investigational medicine is safe to use and whether it works like it is expected to work. The information that comes out of a clinical trial might change how patients are treated for the targeted disease. The information may also determine if the investigational medicine works better or has fewer side effects than the treatments that are currently being used.

10 things to know before enrolling into a clinical trial


When considering clinical trial options, you may have lots of questions that need to be answered, from “how does a clinical trial work?” to “what are clinical trial eligibility criteria?”. We thought about some of the common questions to ask before joining a clinical trial, and we made this list of 10 questions to ask before participating in a clinical trial. You can read them on myTomorrows blog here.

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