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Shape the future of clinical trial accessibility

myTomorrows is building a platform that helps you discover and access pre-approved treatments for your patients. We invite healthcare professionals to sign up to our early adopter community for exclusive early access and support from our Medical Community team.


What are we building?

myTomorrows is on a mission to enable early and improved access to clinical trial options by creating an integrated ecosystem that brings together treating physicians, patients, trial sites, and BioPharma companies.

We aim to improve clinical trial accessibility by providing a user-friendly platform that connects healthcare professionals with clinical research teams, opening new possibilities for patients in need.

By simplifying the process of searching for trials and referring relevant patients, treating physicians can quickly discover and access clinical trials for their patients without compromising on their core responsibilities.

Problems we solve for physicians

Our platform empowers healthcare professionals across the following domains:


Tap into an AI-powered search engine built on a comprehensive, up-to-date database of all active clinical trials.


Quickly identify suitable clinical trial options by filtering based on eligibility criteria relevant to your patient.


Effortlessly refer patients to trial sites with secure data handling and direct contact with clinical research teams.

What physicians say about myTomorrows


"I like that it's not overloaded with information, like clinicaltrials.gov, which often gives you too much information."

Neurologist, Italy


"It's going to save everybody a lot of work, both the referrers and ourselves."

Oncology Researcher, United Kingdom


"There were several challenges as we were requesting access for a child, but myTomorrows helped us navigate the process."

Pediatrician, United States

Why you should get involved

Shape the future

Better clinical trial accessibility may mean more opportunities for your patients. Your insights provide vital input to carry out this positive change.

Get one-to-one support

Our Medical Community team is your direct contact into myTomorrows and is here to support you at every step of the way.

Join your peers

Join a community of healthcare professionals on a mission to make clinical trial consideration an integral part of every patient’s journey.

Exclusive access and updates

Be a part of an exclusive launch event that includes early access to the first platform prototype.

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This page is meant exclusively for healthcare professionals, on an invitation-only basis. If you are a patient or patient advocate, please refer to our website for more information about how myTomorrows can help you.

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