myTomorrows and brainstrust Partner to Support the Brain Cancer Community in Accessing Clinical Trials

myTomorrows Team 4 Apr 2024

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Partnership with the UK-based patient advocacy group furthers myTomorrows’ mission to expand access to clinical trials for patients suffering from a variety of life-threatening illnesses, and support physicians in recruiting patients for clinical trials.

(Amsterdam – 4 April, 2024) – myTomorrows, a global health technology company connecting patients with all possible treatment options, today announced a new partnership with brainstrust, a UK-based charity that helps people living with a brain tumor reach their potential and thrive. Under the new partnership, people with brain tumors will be equipped with the means to bolster their knowledge of relevant treatment options, potentially extending to participation in clinical trials and access to pre-approval drugs. Moreover, the partnership provides a new layer of support to clinicians in their efforts to recruit patients to relevant clinical trials.

There are 80,000 people living with a brain tumor in England alone, with a patient receiving a diagnosis every two hours. Brain tumors kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer, and incidences and deaths from brain tumors are on the rise.

With only 12% of brain tumor patients surviving beyond five years of their diagnosis, it is crucial for these patients to be as robustly and accurately informed as possible in their search for treatment options – especially when it comes to clinical trials, as it is often difficult to find and understand relevant information about them.

brainstrust will now be able to provide its sizeable patient network with timely, up to date and useful information about credible and accessible clinical trials, with expert support from myTomorrows. myTomorrows’ trained patient navigators will act as a single point of contact to guide patients with brain tumors, their loved ones, and healthcare professionals through the vast landscape of medical care and help them make the best possible decision during their treatment journey.

“We are very excited to be partnering with brainstrust, which boasts years of experience supporting and educating patients with brain cancer about many different aspects of their disease. Our collaboration aims to empower these patients to navigate their treatment journeys with more confidence and options,” said Michel van Harten, CEO of myTomorrows. “Collaborating with leading patient advocacy organizations like brainstrust allows myTomorrows to extend our reach to patients affected by numerous conditions. This partnership forms part of our overall mission to raise patients’ and physicians’ awareness of different treatment options while enabling pharmaceutical companies to expand access throughout the drug development cycle.”

“This is a very helpful and meaningful collaboration for the brain tumor community,” said Helen Bulbeck, Director of Policy and Services, brainstrust. “This partnership means that people can build on the confidence and focus they have gained through their coaching with brainstrust and apply it to securing access to tangible options with the support of myTomorrows. People can be assured that they have turned every stone on their brain tumor journey and that they are working towards their best possible outcome.”

The myTomorrows platform offers access to clinical trial information that patients and their physicians can discuss thoroughly, weighing the risks and benefits, before deciding if applying for a clinical trial is right for them.

To learn more about possible clinical trials, people impacted by brain tumours including patients, their caregivers or physicians can contact us here.

About myTomorrows:

myTomorrows is a digital platform that helps patients and physicians discover and access treatments. The myTomorrows platform conducts a comprehensive search of databases worldwide to provide patients and physicians with possible pre-approval treatment options. myTomorrows also offers biopharmaceutical companies services such as clinical trial recruitment support, international expanded access programs management and real-world data collection and utilization. Headquartered in Amsterdam with an office in New York City, myTomorrows has helped more than 5,000 patients and 500 physicians in over 80 countries to date.

myTomorrows – Helping patients discover and access treatments.

myTomorrows Media Contact:
Ben Crome
Headline Media
+1 (914) 336 4922

About brainstrust:

brainstrust is a UK-based charity dedicated to providing essential support and information to brain tumor patients and their families, and to supporting clinical research. With a mission to improve the quality of life for those affected by brain tumors, brainstrust offers a range of services, including coaching, patient and carer information, peer support, rapid-access counselling, and skills development for patients, their families and health care professionals.

By building communities, providing services and raising awareness, brainstrust makes a positive impact on the lives of individuals facing the challenges of brain tumors. People feel less alone, less afraid, more in control, better resourced, and more confident engaging with their clinical care.

brainstrust Media Contact:
Will Jones
Chief Executive
07855 987340

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myTomorrows Team 4 Apr 2024

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